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Products Benecke-Kaliko AG

Our high-quality upholstery materials in leather simulation technology imbue materials with a natural look, color and feel-to-the-touch. Our material and surface design know-how and ingenious color schemes allow us to realize every customer demand.


Acella® is the multi-purpose material for automobile interiors. High-end technology and long-term experience...

Acella® Eco green

No emissions or odors, ensures good interior air quality and helps to protect the global climate.

Acella® Eco natural

Up to 50% renewable resources. Made for permanent contact with the skin.

Acella® Go!

The cost-efficient decorative material for automobile interiors is engineered specifically for introducing premium surface value.

Acella® Protect

Superior performance for material cracking resistance in extreme cold temperatures and available with bi-tone color in one sheet.

Acella® Light

The material is 20% lighter in weight than comparable standard surface materials.


The high quality surface for the interior. Material could easily be taken for genuine leather and ages and wears much better than genuine leather.


The high quality surface as a true alternative to real leather. Offers exclusive appearance, ultra luxurious feel and very low emissions.

Nobelis™ Protect

Exclusive appearance and ultra-luxury haptics. 500% greater resistance to cold weather cracking than standard PUR materials.