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Xpreshn HD Light

Xpreshn HD Light

Xpreshn HD™ Light is ultra lightweight: Up to 25% weight reduction, superior grain retention and shape reproducibility, tighter radii without comprimising grain appearance.


Products Benecke-Kaliko AG

Product Benefits
Compared to Respective Standard TPO Compact Foils

  • Up to 25% weight reduction
  • Softer soothing haptics
  • Superior grain retention
  • Shape reproducibility
  • Tighter radii without comprimising grain appearance
  • 18% better CO2-balance
  • Available with F.O.C.U.S. option of high scratch resistant surface protection

Material Construction Xpreshn HD Light

Construction Compact Foil, Effect Lacquers and Printed Patterns ossible
Thickness 1.3 mm – 1.8 mm
Applications Instrument Panel, Door Panel, Cluster Hood, Rear Tray, Flooring
Backing None
Processing Method Vacuum Thermo Foaming, Back Foaming


Material Properties Comparison

  Compact Foil Foam Laminate Xpreshn HD Light
Thickness (mm) 1.40 0.50 + 2.00 0.50 + 0.90
Density Top Layer
900 900 900
Density Bottom Layer
900 65 600
Area Weight
1,260 600 990