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Green Story

"Sustainability is our primary business objective“

Sustainability is our primary business objective” – CEO Dr. Dirk Leiß has no doubts in this regard. Eco-friendly products and resource-thrifty production have a long tradition at Benecke-Kaliko – and they will play an even greater role in the future.

It all got going with the 10 commandments for environmental protection and industrial safety defined by Benecke-Kaliko and its employees more than 12 years ago. The foreword to the code of behavior intended to help prevent any negative impact on the environment and health reads as follows: “Cost effectiveness is essential, but of equal importance are sparing use of our resources, conscientious respect for the environment and responsibility for our employees.”

Back then, Benecke-Kaliko already made a threefold commitment to “people – the environment & global climate – technology”. It was one of the first companies to have its environmental management system certified.

Benecke-Kaliko’s soft trim materials create a pleasing and healthful interior ambience. Thanks to the use of lightweight surface materials, a vehicle’s carbon footprint is likewise reduced.