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Freedom and Adventure Included

Benecke-Kaliko gives camper vans that home-on-the-road feeling

July 2016 Summer, sun – it’s vacation time! Pack everything and hit the road in the camper van. For many people, these practical multi-purpose vehicles represent nothing less than freedom on four wheels. And Benecke-Kaliko surface materials ensure that they don’t have to go without a certain luxury.

The epitome of the camper van is the VW Bully, whose latest incarnation can now be found on our roads under the name VW T6 California. A vehicle even for those who don’t really like vans. “Hit the open road and answer the call of the wild – this van makes sure there are no barriers in your way,” summarizes Spiegel online. Or, to put it another way: “Serial opportunities for spontaneous road trips.”

Four berths, two folding chairs and a table, room for five to sit at the table inside, and a huge load compartment mean that more or less every need is catered for. Yet, the T6 is even suitable as an everyday vehicle, easily replacing the family station wagon during the week.

All of that applies equally to the new Marco Polo from Mercedes. Its basic version is even a little more keenly priced than the entry-level California, though it’s the luxury versions which are the real heart of the range. This is where the manufacturer is committed to quality and style. Spiegel online: “Once you’re sitting in it, you’ll find the only thing missing is room service.”

Whether it’s the monarch of the glen or the Mercedes young buck, whether you’re up for a shopping trip to the city or a wilderness adventure – Benecke-Kaliko’s materials will always be right there with you and make you feel at home on the road, too.

For the California Benecke-Kaliko supplies Acella® trim material for the door inserts and armrests, Yorn® foil for the seat upholstery and luggage compartment cover, Yorn® Light for the top shoulder of the doors, and Beneron® foil for the sun visors.

For the new V-Class from Mercedes-Benz, which also includes the Marco Polo, a high-quality interior solution which delivers an elegant answer to a range of functional questions was achieved in just 15 months of close cooperation between Benecke-Kaliko, Mercedes-Benz and foil processor Faurecia. During the development phase eleven articles of varying color and design were adopted for series production. The decorative stitching on the components trimmed with Acella® Lux gives the Avantgarde design variant its particularly luxurious interior look.

Luxury and adventure – not a contradiction in terms when you have interior materials from Benecke-Kaliko.