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Elegant Ambience for the King of the Highway

The Volvo FH16 750 delivers unparalleled power for long-distance haulage

June 2016 The drivers also experience this superiority in the supertruck’s luxurious cab, in which Benecke-Kaliko’s high-quality surface materials provide a feeling of exclusive style.

The Volvo FH16 750 is the world’s most powerful on-highway truck. Truckers enthuse about how uphills don’t seem to exist for it and how they accelerate away from cars when the lights go green. And also about the modern ambience in the exclusive cab, which features Benecke-Kaliko surface materials.

Endless power

The 750 in the name stands for the number of horsepower which the Swedish flagship can call on. That’s more than any other competitor can offer. And more than you actually need in most countries. The reason for this is that higher gross combination weights and greater lengths are permitted in Scandinavia than in most of the rest of the world. What is the same everywhere, though, is the great feeling that comes from knowing there is always more power in reserve under the hood. This power is delivered by a fuel-efficient Euro-6-compliant in-line 6-cylinder engine with a two-stage turbocharger and a displacement of 16 liters.

First-class interior

But it’s not just the supertruck’s driving performance and numerous assistance systems which impress the testers. They are also captivated by the cab: German-language trucking trade magazine Kfz-Anzeiger, for example, highlights its elegance, an outstanding interior with a first-class finish offering a high level of style and above-average comfort compared with other international long-haul options. In the vehicle test on the website, that was also the first thing that struck the professional drivers, who enthuse about the high-quality finish in the user-focused cockpit.

Convincing look and feel

This is where Benecke-Kaliko’s interior surfaces with their convincing look and feel come into play: The highly aging-resistant Xpreshn® and Beneron® compact foils for the instrument panel, Xpreshn® expanded foil for the door interior trim and Yorn® expanded foil, which is both environmentally compatible and inexpensive, for the spacious shelf. They create an exclusive environment which further underpins the superior feeling of always being more than just a nose ahead of the others. So the trucker in the Volvo FH16 750 really is the king of the highway.


Xpreshn®, Beneron® and Yorn®: Benecke-Kaliko’s high-quality materials can be found everywhere in the cabs of the FH16 series.

Powerhouses together: Magnus Samuelsson, former holder of the “World’s Strongest Man” title, at the wheel of the Volvo FH16 750.